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I'm a self-motivated, passionate, and driven creative professional with more than 15+ years of experience working with students, faculty, staff, and industry professionals. My close relationships within a myriad of industries has resulted in assisting students in reaching goals, obtaining internships, and securing employment. I have conceptualized, created, produced, programmed, and managed 150+ events and workshops that have been responsible for connecting 5,000+ students to their industries. 



Putting together projects and collaborating with others brings me a tremendous amount of satisfaction and joy. Seeing firsthand the results of people connecting and networking with each other is what I am all about! If you have a project that you need to get done, I can assist in helping you develop and execute that idea.


I work to empower students from high school to college by really getting to know them with one-on-one counseling, developing a plan together, and using motivation and inspiration to have them realize their true potential. In addition to motivation, I provide assistance with social media platforms including LinkedIn.


Creating and managing events is in my DNA! I started organizing events in my early 20s, and from there I have capitalized on the foundations I learned from my education at both North Park University (MHEA), and Columbia College Chicago, which has led me to manage more than 150 events throughout my career. 


From an early age, I was thrust into positions of leadership. Whether it was through employment or extracurricular activities, I have always craved the ability to work with others, inspire and empower, and utilizing listening, empathy, motivation, and communication to lead by example.


Having a plan is one thing, being able to take that idea and turn it into your vision by strategically mapping out an approach that allows you to not only reach your intended goals, but also give you the satisfaction that it was a job well done. That is always the goal for me when creating and strategizing engaging projects and events.


As the motto goes, "Content is King." I aim to provide a diverse collection of content from the written word, audio, and visual. Telling a story and grabbing one's attention by zeroing in on the details of who, what, and why, allows me to take content to the next level, and bring engagement to many social media platforms.


"Tom was my Career Advisor at Columbia while I was a student. He was always helpful when I had questions concerning internships and jobs within the audio industry and made me feel comfortable coming to him for anything. He would take extra measures in reaching out to his industry contacts concerning inquiries I had if he wasn't aware of the answer and provided me with good tips on resume and portfolio building. Tom is a kind soul and does his best to put students first. I'm glad Tom is a part of my Columbia network, for I know I can contact him in the future if I need assistance with career tips or simply advice."

Bianca Doman, A/V Tech/Audio Engineer



Created to give students from various majors an opportunity to collaborate and work on a music project with many moving parts. Music artists get a chance to record a four-song set at Columbia College Chicago's radio station, WCRXFM, which is archived and packaged as, "Sessions @33." In addition to being posted on YouTube, the performance is also available as a podcast. Students from all areas of the college gain real world experience in filming, editing, live sound, marketing, and performance. First episode was released  in August 2022. We are currently in season five. Each season features 12-15 performances released weekly on YouTube. I co-created, project manage, and oversee marketing efforts.

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