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Shannon Fleischman's Road to Success Begins at Home

Senior Music Business major Shannon Fleischman came to Columbia College Chicago with one goal in mind: make an impact in the music business. After completing two internships and working on a multitude of music-related projects, she is well on her way to making her dreams come true.

Growing up in South Florida and attending Stoneman Douglas High School, Shannon’s leadership skills were honed at an early age by having a strong support system that was cultivated by her mother. Talking to Shannon, it’s easy to see that her mom’s positive influence helped in making Shannon into the leader she is today. As Shannon relates, “Watching my mom’s work ethic since I was a little girl has had an impact on me. The way she has built a life for herself is something I want to do for myself to repay her. She always told me that if I’m going to write my name on something I should be proud of it.”

That confidence and her mother’s support would come in handy when deciding on her career path. According to Shannon, “I’ve always been obsessed with music, but since I am not a musician I realized the business side would be my way into the industry. I was actually going to school for nursing when someone mentioned Columbia College Chicago and the programs that are offered, and I couldn’t resist. I changed my whole path that week.”

As a Music Business major Shannon realized early on the importance of internships. To her, internships provided the opportunity to not only be involved in the industry, but also to find her true passion. “At my internships, I would say that the biggest takeaway for me was meeting people and networking. You learn so many lessons just talking to someone who is where you want to be. it’s so inspiring. I also was able to really find what I want to do through internships, and that is marketing.”

In addition to internships, she has taken full advantage of working with other creatives like herself by partnering on events with student organizations, departments, the school radio station, WCRX-FM, and the Career Center. Her efforts on projects such as, “Humanity is the Genre,” and the “After, After, After Party,” gave her a chance to fully make full use of her leadership abilities. Her goal with all of these collaborations was to, in her words, “make a difference. I like to talk to people and create opportunities for artists to get their music heard, and also provide a chance for students to be more human by interacting and collaborating with each other.”

With future goals of working at a major label, traveling the world, and helping artists get to the next level, Shannon has carved out a bright future for herself. As she readies herself for graduation this May, she had this parting advice for students. “Say yes to any internship or industry opportunity that comes your way, because you never know what can come of it.”

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