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Pure Intention Brings Buzz to Upcoming Bassline Chicago Gig

Established in 2020 amid the challenges of the COVID pandemic, Pure Intention has swiftly become a prominent fixture in Chicago's vibrant music scene, captivating audiences with their dynamic performances and rapidly growing fan base. This three-piece ensemble, consisting of Joe Oes on bass/vocals, The Vez on guitar/vocals, and Gusz on drums/vocals, identifies as a punk band at its core while seamlessly infusing elements of classic rock, rockabilly, and blues into their compositions. The eclectic nature of their sound has propelled them beyond the confines of Chicago, recently embarking on a successful east coast tour.

In their three-plus years of collaboration, Pure Intention has prolifically released a multitude of singles, ensuring a constant and engaged connection with their fan base. The band's creative process reflects a spirit of unity, with a collective approach to songwriting that embodies the ethos of "one for all, and all for one."

On Thursday, November 16th, Pure Intention will take the stage at Bassline Chicago as part of a jam-packed six-band lineup, promising an unforgettable experience for the audience. When asked what attendees can anticipate from their performance, the band confidently asserts, "We have been determined from the start. Every note we play is a step in the right direction. You can expect a high-energy, bare-bones rock 'n' roll show—no backing tracks or samples."

Tickets for the November 16th gig at Bassline Chicago (2239 S. Michigan), are going fast! RSVP at the following link.

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