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No Shelter Headlines “November Rocks” @Bassline Chicago

No Shelter comes to Bassline Chicago armed with an array of songs, boundless energy, and a desire to bring their metal/punk roots to their current fans, as well as new fans. Forming in high school a few years back, the band features vocalist Jake Pfau, guitarist Josh Petranek, bassist Ben Howell, and drummer Blake Heintzelman. According to Josh, “No Shelter came together out of high school and technically started with our former drummer and I just jamming in the basement. We knew each other since middle school and decided to start jamming sometime around sophomore year of high school. Eventually he would go on to introduce me to our current bass player and backing vocalist, Ben Howell. The three of us played a variety of different styles of music at that time, but the majority wanted to lean into heavier music if we were going to start to write songs.”

With the current lineup intact, No Shelter has poured their heart and soul into crafting their sound. Josh had this to say about the songwriting process. “When it comes to songwriting for No Shelter, I’d say almost all of the music composition has been covered by myself so far, and usually just go over new ideas with the band to possibly tweak things. Lyrics are usually hammered out by Jake and I together, but can be a separate project for both of us sometimes too. At the end of the day, we try to make sure everyone is happy with what we’re playing and go over all new ideas together.”

When it comes to influences, No Shelter, according to Josh, straddle the line of current favorites, as well as paying homage to the past. “Our band has many influences but I feel that two defining examples that come to mind are Slipknot and Knocked Loose. Both from different eras of ‘Metal’, each band represents a style of music we base some of our influence off of when coming up with our own music."

Attendees of the November 16th show will no doubt be enamored with the sound of No Shelter. It’s a sound that the band takes great pride in. "One thing that I think makes our band unique is some of the sound effects and pedals we use to keep our riffs, melodies, and song structures standing out from other bands like us. We incorporate lots of pitch shifting in ways we believe to be unique to us that allow a more crushing sound at points in our songs. People who attend this show can expect a very intense performance from us as we like to keep the energy high. The crowd always seems to reflect that wherever we play, and we hope to keep that expectation up at Bassline as well!”

No Shelter is mapping out a strategy for the future that promises to please their base. “Right now, our nearest future plan is to finish writing and properly record out first full length EP and back it up with a well-planned release to hopefully reach more people than we ever have before. We are also always looking for new shows and bands to play with to expand our horizons in the local scene and even discover new ones as well.”

Catch No Shelter at Bassline Chicago on Thursday, November 16th. Tickets are still available at this link.

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