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Kenny Morningstar Brings a Fresh Take on Hip Hop Culture

When one listens, and more importantly sees, Kenny Morningstar in concert, it is evident the type of performance fans will be getting: smooth, lyrically in-depth, and with the ability to captivate an audience. Those intangibles help set him apart as a rising music artist from the Midwest.

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI and a graduate of Rufus King High School in Milwaukee, Kenny started making music in 2019. He cites his brother as an immediate inspiration during that time period. “Being in my basement with my brother Kaleel, he made everything I do now possible.”

Kenny is a recent 2022 graduate from Columbia College Chicago, and he had this to stay about his education. “I majored in Cultural Studies, and I chose Columbia because it was in the heart of Chicago.” Kenny’s experiences help shape his music. “I had a lot of lows at Columbia, but a big highlight was meeting people at Columbia that I’m still very close friends with now.”

In terms of music, Kenny subscribes to the school of thought that many artists have given him inspiration in his creative process. “My biggest influences are Lancey Foux. Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Ab-Soul. In fact, my biggest goal right now is to meet Lancey Foux.”

Being the featured artist for this week’s “Sessions @33” ON WCRXFM, Kenny discussed the value of the program for students at Columbia. “Sessions @33 signifies a sonic shift in Columbia’s artistic landscape. Without this series, the musical arts wouldn’t have a platform at Columbia. Sessions @33 has the ability to showcase Columbia talent on a larger scale.”

With a bucket full of tunes, and a desire to perform for an audience, Kenny shared his future goals. “I would like to hopefully tour around the states within the next year or so. I really enjoy performing and would like to add an artistic element to my sets along the lines of performance art, but that’s the next step in my evolution. I also plan to release a lot more music soon. I want to drop at least 4 projects from now to the end of next year for su

Sessions @33 is a series featuring Columbia College Chicago music artists performing a 4-song set in an intimate performance space at WCRXFM, Columbia’s very own radio station. In addition to the artists getting exposure, students from various departments . Please support these fantastic up-n-coming artists, as well as the collaborative efforts of the students involved behind the scenes, by watching sessions on YouTube, as well as listening to the podcast version on either Apple or Stitcher.

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