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From the Garage to a Stage Near You, Deadbeat Daycare Shows Us How It’s Done

Picture this. You’re in high school sitting at the lunch table with your best friend and contemplating what a great idea playing music together would be. So, you start the band and realize that you need a drummer and a name. You find the drummer. You decide on a name that is unlike any other. You start writing music in one member’s garage and realize that you need a bass player to round things out. You find a seasoned bass player who is a fit, and suddenly it all makes sense. That’s the story. I am just the messenger. That’s Deadbeat Daycare’s story and they’re not only sticking to it, but they’re ready to rock your world as they start to ramp up their live shows, including the November 16th gig at Bassline Chicago.

Formed on the outskirts of Chicago, Deadbeat Daycare is four parts equal to one sum. Their manic energy, catchy tunes, and power punk sensibilities are what makes this four-piece unit one of the tightest bands around, as their live show is a testament to their desire to give 500% to their audience. Featuring Joaquin on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ethan on lead guitar, Bobby on drums, and Dan on bass, the band is firmly planted in a genre-less existence which doesn't give audiences the opportunity to pigeonhole their unique sound.

Influences are many for each member of Deadbeat Daycare, which is one of the many reasons the band veers off the beaten path from many of its contemporaries when it comes to songwriting. Instead of relying on one or two people in the band to create, which they did in the beginning stages, it’s now a shared responsibility which allows the band to build their arsenal of songs at a more rapid pace. As the band states, “Songwriting has always been a mix of a split responsibility and solo. Often times Ethan or Joaquin will write a chord progression and lyrics, and bring it to the band where Bobby provides a beat, Ethan provides lead ideas, and Dan writes a bass line. More recently Bobby and Dan have been bringing lyrics and riffs to the table for the band to create a song around.”

With a new single slated very soon, and two of the members graduating college, the band is gearing up for a busy few months of playing and releasing more music. In terms of the November 16th show at Bassline Chicago, Deadbeat Daycare promises, “Good music and a great performance. We always give it our all, and this show will not be any different.”

Tickets for the November 16th gig at Bassline Chicago (2239 S. Michigan), are going fast! RSVP at the following link.

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