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From Audio to Music, Danny Patt Has All the Bases Covered

Sophomore Audio Recording major Danny Patt is the type of student that never stops learning. Last summer as most students were figuring out a nice, relaxing reprieve from academia, Danny took advantage of his first semester of eligibility to not only secure one internship, but secure three in the middle of a pandemic! Though the summer was busy for him, he never lost focus of his upcoming fall semester, and all three internships enhanced his understanding of the audio industry as he has used his skills and professionalism to continue making inroads in both the classroom and recording studios across the Chicagoland area.

As graduate of Vernon Hills High School in Illinois, Danny has had a strong desire from an early age to be involved in the industry. His internship experiences, including his current internship at Gravity Studios, have made him well-rounded in many facets of the business. According to Danny, “The most important takeaways from my internships have been the technical aspects of running a recording session as well as a recording studio in general, and also just the people skills needed to build relationships with clients so that the final outcome of the music is always something good.”

His drive and ambition to succeed has already led Danny to becoming a voice of experience at such a young age. This has also further propelled his future aspirations. “My internships have impacted my future goals by affirming some of the goals I already have, and also giving me the chance to make new ones from the experiences I have had during my internships. My future goals are to continue the work I have started in my internships, and then hopefully take them to the next level professionally and continue to do what makes me happiest, which is create!”

Danny also shared these kernels of knowledge to students as they prepare for an internship. “My advice is to dip your toes in wherever possible. It is ok to get rejected from internships because there are always more places to work, and doing something that might make you feel uncomfortable could be the perfect chance to find something that you love doing.”

Ever the creative, Danny has a wide range of abilities which are showcased as a music producer as well as a mixing engineer on several projects. You can check them out on his Spotify page.

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