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Cade Gau's Internship With LSD Studios Forms a Lasting Impression

Senior Audio Arts major Cade Gau has seen his career goals come to fruition over the past few months by solidifying an internship at one of the up-n-coming music production studios in Chicago, LSD Studios.

Growing up in the northwest suburbs and attending Crystal Lake Central High School, Cade had his mind set on working in music. After high school, he started his college career at McHenry County College, taking general education requirements as well as music composition courses. When choosing a four-year school, Cade did a fair amount of research as well as networking with others who had attended Columbia College Chicago. Impressed with the curriculum being offered, he knew right away that Columbia was the perfect place for him.

After taking upper-level courses during his junior year, Cade felt more than prepared to start an internship. After consulting with his Internship and Career Advisor, as well as going over a resume and cover letter, Cade successfully applied to, and began an internship with LSD Studios during the fall 2021 semester. Immediately, his attention to detail and reliability impressed his director supervisor, Yosef Montgomery. “The qualities that made Cade a perfect fit for LSD studios is that he is a great team player, very passionate, and ready to take on new challenging tasks without doubting himself. He enjoys being here at LSD Studios and looks forward to all of the amazing opportunities ahead of him.”

Cade’s time at LSD Studios has resulted in a growth in confidence as well as his skill set. According to Cade. “The internship has assisted in my career development by helping me improve my skills as an engineer and helped me to network and meet new people. It's helped me improve in tracking and mixing and has given me experience of being in a professional studio.”

In fact, Cade did so well during his first semester, that Yosef asked him to return for a second semester. For Cade, this was affirmation that his talent and hard work was recognized. “It felt good to come back for a second semester because I wanted to come back, and I tried to be the best intern I could be, so it showed me I was doing things right.”

As his career begins to wind down at Columbia and is just beginning in the audio industry, Cade has been steadfast about upcoming pursuits. “My career goals are to work full-time as an audio engineer, improve my networking skills, and be happy with what I do every day. I strongly believe that I am on that path.”

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