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Brought Together by Chance, Disco Lemonade Exceeds Expectations

Columbia College Chicago has long been a breeding ground for musical talent, boasting names like Jeremih and Friday Pilots Club among its alumni. Adding to this impressive roster is Disco Lemonade, a unique six-member band that emerged from the creative hub of the classroom, specifically the Recording & Performance Ensemble (RPE). In the words of the band, "RPE evolved from a class into a tight-knit musical collective where the chemistry was undeniable, especially after recording the initial demo for the track 'Nina Ruiz.'"

What sets Disco Lemonade apart is not only their expansive lineup, featuring vocalists Martha White, Jacob Wiley, and Marcus Bailey (the latter two doubling as instrumentalists), but also the inclusion of Ollie Bishop on lead guitar, Brennan Pozzi on drums, and a substitute bass player for live shows, following the departure of original member Dante Nottoli. Despite the change, Nottoli's bass lines will resonate on their upcoming EP release.

The band's collaborative approach to songwriting, the presence of three distinct vocalists, and their genre-defying sound contribute to their standout status. According to the band, "The diversity in singing styles adds dynamism to our music, while the ability to blend voices seamlessly during backing vocals showcases our harmonious cohesion." Disco Lemonade takes pride in their unique sound, citing influences like Lake Street Dive, Daft Punk, and the Arctic Monkeys, yet refusing to be pigeonholed by any specific genre.

The past year has seen Disco Lemonade make waves, securing a third-place finish at Biggest Mouth in spring 2023, gracing stages at Manifest and Commencement, and headlining Convocation. Amidst these achievements, the band has been tirelessly working on their debut EP, promising fans a forthcoming single. Looking ahead, Disco Lemonade has ambitious plans, expressing a desire to build momentum through avenues such as record deals, tours, and social media engagement.

Fans and music enthusiasts alike have the chance to experience Disco Lemonade's dynamic live performance on November 16th at Bassline Chicago. The band anticipates an electrifying show, promising a mix of originals and covers that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Stay tuned for what promises to be an unforgettable evening with Disco Lemonade.

Tickets for the November 16th gig at Bassline Chicago (2239 S. Michigan), are going fast! RSVP at the following link.


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