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Alexis Flores Utilizes VIP Festival Experience to Propel Her Career Forward

Sophomore Music Business major Alexis Flores has directly taken “action” with her burgeoning music career by finding a company that allows her to engage in activism while being a conduit to create impactful change.

Originally from North Riverside, Illinois, and a graduate of Morton West High School, attending concerts at an early age gave her first-hand exposure to the music business, and immediately struck a chord with her as a career choice. With a concentration in Live and Touring, she has taken a first step into the music business field by working closely with Propeller, a for-profit public benefit corporation which gives non-profits the chance to partner with Propeller to create change. Utilizing a platform that incorporates social influence to spur measurable impact through such causes as Democracy, Drug Policy Reform, Gun Violence Prevention, and LGBTQ Rights, according to Alexis, “the more impact you create, the more points you will earn. As points accrue, you can redeem them to plant trees, donate to causes, and get rewards.” One of those rewards was bestowed upon Alexis. She entered and won an all-expenses VIP trip in March 2022 to the M3F Festival in Phoenix, Arizona.

As Alexis started to recount her experience at the festival, it became crystal clear that activism is near and dear to her heart. What makes it that much more fulfilling is that she is able not only be part of something that is meaningful, but also to actively be engaged within her industry, this was evident during her unique and memorable time exploring the Festival in Phoenix. “Within this festival, I got backstage passes to meet one of my favorite bands called A R I Z O N A. With my festival wristband, I had credits preloaded for food and drinks in the VIP lounge area. As someone who loves concerts, this whole experience was a dream to me! From traveling to Phoenix to getting to the festival, I was like a kid on a playground. This was my very first time attending a festival of this size. I enjoyed discovering new music. From the time I arrived in Phoenix to the time I left, it felt like a dream because I couldn’t believe it!! I loved how you didn’t have to walk very far in Downtown Phoenix to see art.”

Another key element of the festival was meeting people who love what they are doing. As Alexis detailed, “What I liked best about M3F Festival was that everyone on the festival grounds had smiles on their faces. Phoenix was such an inviting city. And the best part about this festival was all proceeds went to charity! As someone who wants to work in this industry, this entire experience is just want I needed, because I got to make connections within the operations of this festival. Through this experience, I learned that it takes a great team that communicates well with each other to put on a production like this.”

With the festival highlights still fresh in her mind, Alexis is even more driven in her pursuit of success in the industry. With a tip of the cap to the experienced faculty within the Business and Entrepreneurship Department, she is on a quest to gain more from her future endeavors. “I know that a degree in Music Business from Columbia will give me the knowledge necessary to be an Artist & Tour Manager, Concert Promoter, or Merchandiser. Also, with a concentration in Live and Touring, I know that this will take me to places I have only imagined. I am still figuring out what and who I want to be with the resources given to me by the most amazing faculty members here at Columbia.”

As summer festival season begins, Alexis has her sights set on a long-term goal that will solidify her position in the industry, while helping others. “Probably one of my biggest goals is to be part of a team that promotes some of the biggest shows and festivals across the country, and to make the industry a much more inclusive space to work in.”

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