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A Pocketful of Confidence Gives Saint Frankie the Keys to Success

As a talented, up and coming artist, Saint Frankie takes inspirations from many sources. A Music Business major, he is leaning into those influences as he builds his career step-by-step.

Born and raised in Chicago, and a graduate of Lane Tech, Saint Frankie has had Columbia on his mind for quite a long time. “Columbia has always been in the back of my mind ever since I was a little kid. I would come downtown and I’d walk by the campuses, amazed by the art. As I got older, it felt like the school would be the best one for me due to the creative nature of it. Every student I’ve met has big dreams or big ideas, and I love it. We’re not here majoring in math or science but rather we are creatively impacting the world and I think that’s beautiful.”

Before attending Columbia, Saint Frankie made a slight detour before deciding on Columbia and choosing Music Business as a major. “I transferred from Harold Washington Junior College and I was considering going into real estate or even graphic design, but I’m glad I stuck to my guts.”

That decision has paid off handsomely for Saint Frankie. For an artist who is just beginning his journey, he has made strategic decisions to not rush the process. “Sessions @33 was my first live performance, but I felt like I had been doing it my whole life. I feel at home with a microphone in my hand. I’ve always wanted to make music, but I didn’t take it seriously until 2020. I saw the pandemic as an opportunity to just focus on my craft and on myself. I would make a beat every day and post it on my Instagram (saint_frankieofficial). From there, my confidence grew and I decided to write songs.”

Speaking of writing, Saint Frankie finds himself in a phase that can only be described as personal. “The music that I’m making right now is very lovey dovey. I’m in an era in my life where I want to experience love and I want to know what the meaning is. The music that I’m making really reflects my search for the meaning of love and my experiences with it. I have a new single coming out soon, SUEÑO, that deals with missing the one that got away.”

In terms of creating music and beats, Saint Frankie casts a wide net to encompass music, movies, and life. “Some of my major influences in music have to be Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Ludwig Göransson, Justin Hurwitz, Mac Miller, Bad Bunny, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z. However, I like to be inspired by things other than music. I really love films, and going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. Some of my favorite directors are Ryan Coogler, Edgar Wright, and Damien Chazelle. On a bigger scale, I like to be influenced by life and what I go through or what I see happen. I think this is the key to making the most genuine music as possible.”

The energy that Saint Frankie exhibits is evident in his strategic goals for the future. “I plan to release SUEÑO this month, and continue releasing singles until they pick up some steam. Once the singles have a set reach, I plan to release an album. There’s such a difficult balance of trying to release everything all at once but also planning it out. I just want the people to hear my music and enjoy it. 2023 is going to be my year, and I can’t wait to show what I’ve been working on.”

Sessions @33 is a series featuring Columbia College Chicago music artists performing a 4-song set in an intimate performance space at WCRXFM, Columbia’s very own radio station. In addition to the artists getting exposure, students from various departments. Please support these fantastic up-n-coming artists, as well as the collaborative efforts of the students involved behind the scenes, by watching sessions on YouTube, as well as listening to the podcast version on either Apple or Stitcher.

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